Outdoor Health National Symposium - access recordings until October 2022.

Outdoor Health Australia

Helping Australians access the health benefits of nature. Supporting evidence-informed nature-based health services. Presented by the Australian Association for Bush Adventure Therapy (AABAT)

Outdoor Health provides promising cost-effective benefits for our physical, mental, social and cultural health.

Outdoor Health Australia is an initiative of the Australian Association for Bush Adventure Therapy (AABAT) . After 2 decades of volunteer-led collaboration and leadership, in 2018 AABAT established a policy unit to advocate for the inclusion of nature-based health services within Australia’s health system so that more people can benefit from these approaches. Bush Adventure Therapy is one of 30 forms of evidence-informed outdoor healthcare practices already on offer in Australia.

Outdoor Health australia – our vision


Connecting people with health services in their local area.

Connecting practitioners with organisations, associations and representative bodies.

Connecting research and practice.

Connecting with Government and funding bodies.


Facilitating innovation forums and network gatherings to share knowledge, resources and efforts amongst nature-based researchers, practitioners, managers and policy makers.

Research & Training

Developing collaborative research alliances to build a connected and coherent evidence base.

Supporting training, quality assurance, accreditation and self-regulation to support safe and effective practices.

National Representative Body

Exploring the merits of establishing a national representative body prepared to advise government in relation to policies and programs that reflect the benefits of ‘Nature for health’.


Advocating for government-funded research and intervention trials to support the translation of human-nature-health research into effective health interventions.

Evidence Informed

Establishing a legitimate role, and appropriate funding, for evidence-informed nature-based health interventions.

Building understanding across all levels of government about the affordability, accessibility and efficacy of nature-based interventions.

Outdoor Health National Symposium 2021

Hosted by everyone’s mate Costa Georgiadis and led by Indigenous cultural leaders, this event brought together Outdoor Health practitioners and researchers from all over the world, to present 30 hours of presentations and robust discussions. The event covered everything from social prescribing through to mindful decolonisation, indigenous practices, and planetary health, trauma informed outdoor healthcare, and family therapy outdoors, leading to deep connections and sense of community.  If you missed this event, you can still register to access all recordings of presentations and panel discussions.

A Bigger Tent

“We could stay in isolation, seated on cold damp soil, in a dark lonely cramped cave…. Can’t have fun sulking! So we get up, dust yourself off, move out into the warm sunlight, gather some morning’s wood and light your own comfort fire, cook up a storm. Come on you can do it. Put kettle on, warm your soul.

Now as your add to your circle of real friends and valued mob, you are going to need more room in your sanctuary shelter. Call it a tent, caravan, shack, hut Mia Mia: whatever.. new people in your group will stretch your patience, resources and hospitality. You need to stretch your cords, lengthen your reach to enable more room to accommodate your bigger camp.

Your growing family will enjoy the benefits of your tent and they need to bring more ideas, sustenance, skills, food and valuable resources. We need more fuel, food and water. Be careful who joins tho… Invite only. Drive those pegs in tight, keep an eye on those new ropes”.

– Uncle Ken – Boandik man.


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