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Research, Practice and Policy Symposium

Aunty Verna Nicholls – Symposium Presenter

Aunty Verna Nicholls

Session type: Presentation

Aunty Verna Nicholls is a Tasmanian Aboriginal Elder who was born on Flinders Island where she spent her early years.  She has been teaching traditional and contemporary aboriginal cultural art and craft for much of her adult life and has exhibited her own work in many places including the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery. Her work with her own people in connecting to culture, country and community has also occurred during this time.  In 2003 she began participating and facilitating programs that created healing for her mob through connecting culture, country and community significantly helping to develop a style of Bush Adventure Therapy that would meet the needs of her community. In 2009 Aunty Verna presented at the 5IATC sharing her experience and wisdom of an ancient peoples connection to country for healing and wellbeing. She still continues to be involved with teaching art and craft and on country healing opportunities for the local community but has retired from facilitating adventure based programs.