Nature & Health
Research, Practice and Policy Symposium

Caroline (Carlie) Atkinson – Symposium Presenter

Dadirri - The Ancient Aboriginal Mindfulness Practice.

Caroline (Carlie) Atkinson

Session type: Presentation
When: Tues 16th June (90mins) 12-1.30pm


With the permission on Aunty Miriam-Rose Ungumerr-Bauman, a member of the Ngan’gikurunggurr people of the Daly River region, 220 kilometres south of Darwin, NT, Carlie will present the contemplative words of “Dadirri”, as a way to cultivate a deep level of mind awareness or mindfulness – deep listening that is relevant to this country. Dadirri’s highlights inner deep listening and quiet still awareness through connection to self, one-another and country, illuminating the beauty of nature to regulate self.  This activity or practice has its equivalence in many other First Nation groups across Australia.   Carlie will then take you on a short Dadirri meditation involving seeing, listening, hearing, feeling and understanding using nature as the conduit to connect to self, others and country.

Dr Caroline (Carlie) Atkinson BSW (Hon), PhD, MAASW (Acc) is an accredited Social Worker who has focused her career on the interplay between trauma and violence in Aboriginal peoples in Australia.  She developed the first culturally sensitive, reliable and valid psychometric measure in Australia that determines PTSD in Australian Aboriginal peoples which also highlights complex trauma symptoms.   She has worked in a variety of community-based positions and participated on a number of research projects and program developments for government and non-government organisations that focus on social justice issues, family violence, post-graduate course development in the area of trauma, humanitarian aid, community development and empowerment and PTSD and trauma based disorders including intergenerational trauma.  She holds a PhD specialising in trauma, particularly intergenerational trauma and community and family violence, which extends to the aftermath of war-based trauma on an international level.  Carlie is considered a leader in the area of intergenerational trauma in Aboriginal peoples in Australia.  She currently works as the CEO for her family organisation, We Al-li, designing and co-ordinating the delivery of culturally responsive trauma integrated care training to Aboriginal organisations and communities across Australia.