Nature & Health
Research, Practice and Policy Symposium

Cathryn Carpenter – Symposium Presenter

Cathryn Carpenter

Session type: Presentation

Cathryn’s professional employment has included secondary school teaching, outdoor instructing and guiding, as well as coordinating and lecturing Outdoor Education at Victoria University. Tertiary curriculum development has also been a passion, with extensive experience developing individual units or postgraduate courses in Education, Youth work, and Experiential Learning at several Universities. She has also taught within faculties of Education, Social work, Public health, Exercise Science and Arts. As a semi-retired academic she is currently developing Indigenous Knowledge’s curriculum with colleagues at Deakin NIKERI: National Indigenous Knowledges, Education and Research Institute.

Her curiosity around the benefits of outdoor experiences began through informal research in 1985 whilst seeking to improve personal practice in the embedding and delivery of educational outdoor programs. Enhancing opportunities for ‘Flow’ became the focus of Master of Arts (Outdoor Education, Griffith University). Several interim research projects in Outdoor programs and the needs of specialised populations preceded her PhD at Deakin, which examined the health and wellbeing benefits of an Adventure therapy program.

Being in the outdoors has always been essential to my health, happiness and wellbeing. I have been fortunate to interweave employment with my personal passions and the pursuit of research opportunities to deepen understandings of the value of outdoor programs for the individual, the community and the broader environment.