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Tom Mulvaney – organiser profile

Tom Mulvaney

Tom Mulvaney (Mpsych, Hons, Ba, MAPS) is a psychologist and the General Manager, Impact and Strategy at Family Life. Tom is passionate about social justice, systems change and continuous improvement of practice. Tom has previously managed Bush Adventure Therapy Programs, Family Violence Services, Family Services and Children’s Services.

After graduating in 2007, Tom spent five years leading and delivering bush adventure therapy as part of alternate education and therapeutic program models. Tom has conducted research on program efficacy, adventure therapies, play and family relationships. He is motivated to bring research into practice, and has presented regular professional development seminars within the sector.

Tom’s practice background includes direct experience in the delivery of psychological services, case management services, outdoor healthcare and teaching. Tom has held positions in the Australian Association of Bush Adventure Therapy and is a member of the Australian Psychological Society.