Outdoor Health: A Natural Necessity


Wed 13th & Thur 14th October 2021 
Adelaide, South Australia and Online

Around the world, humans are either responding to threats posed by covid-19, or beginning to establish a new ‘post-covid normal’. Meanwhile, rates of species extinction are reaching alarming levels, and the effects of climate change are being experienced first-hand by many. Just like sea levels, rates of human physical-, mental- and social ill health continue to rise. This culmination of human-nature and planetary change calls for a new normal, or perhaps a remembering of old ways, and makes approaches like Outdoor Health a natural necessity.


This year’s Symposium is an opportunity to engage with and contribute to innovations in outdoor health research and practice. Presentations will span Indigenous health practices, Nature-based health interventions for emerging conditions, and Outdoor health for whole populations. As governments and policy-makers grapple with new challenges, and the Australian community seeks to adapt to new realities, Outdoor Healthcare provides promising cost-effective benefits for our physical, mental, social and cultural health.