Outdoor Health Service Directory

About the Service Directory

This form is designed to receive information about nature-based health services being offered around Australia, and beyond. The Outdoor Health Service Directory will be built up over time.

The purpose of the Service Directory is to link people to nature-based health services in their local area. Picture a family member looking for a service to support their loved one. Or a mental health practitioner looking for the right service for their client. Or a GP looking for an outdoor healthcare provider for a patient who needs a different kind of treatment. This Directory will help people find your service.

AABAT and Outdoor Healthcare are pleased to provide this information as a service to the sector and the general public. Neither AABAT nor Outdoor Healthcare endorse any service named in the Directory. 

By submitting information to this form, it is expected that you/ your organisation will have appropriate training, qualifications, training, insurances and affiliations for the type of service you deliver and for the target group you are supporting. It is also expected that you will update your information on an annual basis.

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Terms and conditions

Note: In the absence of a national peak body or accreditation system, Outdoor Healthcare does not endorse service providers named in the directory. The information is merely provided as a service to the sector, a way to connect, and a starting point for those wishing to find nature-based health services in their local area.